Vladimir Polansky

Vladimir Polansky

Frontend/Backend Developer

Vladimir Polansky
Minsk, remote
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React, Mobx, Gatsby

NodeJS, Express

Typescript, Javascript

MongoDB, mySQL, GraphQL

HTML5, SCSS, Material UI

Testing Library, Jest

Git, Webpack, Eslint, Prettier

OOP, FP, patterns

Understanding of UI/UX, SEO


Frontend/Backend Developer

TS/JS, React/Gatsby/Mobx, NodeJS/Express, HTML/CSS

dec 2021 - now

Created CRM system for CYP agency. Got team leader experience. Developed over 10 web apps under the multilevel frontend training program of RSS (30-40 hours of practice per week during 1 year). Created several pet projects.

Wordpress Developer

Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, C#, SEO

apr 2016 - now

Created, edited and maintained several websites using Wordpress. Promoted 2 sites to the top search of Google and Yandex. Reached website Conversion Rate up to 7%. Webhooks are implemented in forms for communication with Telegram. Migrated MySQL DB. Dealt with SEO, UX/UI, SMM, product strategy, customer journey, marketing, sales, Google ads, and communication with consumers.


Frontend Developer

Mentoring by Zar Zakharov

apr 2022 - aug 2022

Completed the course 'Complete React Developer' with mentor feedback. Participated in 20 extra workshops.

JS/TS Frontend Developer

The Rolling Scopes School

dec 2021 - sept 2022

Successfully completed a full cycle of 3 courses «Frontend/JS», which lasted 9 months: «Preschool», «Stage #1», «Stage #2». Self-development accounted for 70%.

Electrical Engineer

Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University

1993 - 1998



Intermediate (B1)

Belarusian, Russian



Experienced in building communication in the development team - under my leadership on Agile methodology in a limited time has been developed fullstack-application «CRM for photo agency». Familiar with e-commerce. Was developing a little on C#/.NET, PHP, Python.

Happy to meet new people and learn new things. Visited 14 countries. Curious, proactive - when I don’t know, I find a solution. Open, ready to share my knowledge. Good communication skills to articulate thoughts clearly.


Psychology, programming, guitar playing, board games, basketball.

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